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Field of 65--version 5

(about 1 week has passed since last version)
Florida (21-2); UCLA (20-2); Wisconsin (22-2); North Carolina (20-3)
*I couldn’t have been more surprised by UNC’s loss to North Carolina State. The analysts have been saying that Roy Williams subbed so often that the Tar Heels couldn’t find a rhythm. I really have no explanation.
Ohio State (20-3); Texas A&M (19-3); Pittsburgh (20-3); Kansas (19-4)
*While Wisconsin dropped one to the Hoosiers, Ohio State picked up wins against Purdue and Michigan State this week, but Wisconsin still has the head-to-head advantage. Kansas may not deserve to be a 2 seed, but I’m not willing to replace them with Butler...yet.
Butler (22-2); Oregon (19-4); Memphis (19-3); Washington State (19-4)
*Yes, the Ducks picked up 2 losses this past week. But the losses were to 2 pretty good teams—UCLA and USC. Washington State has now beaten Arizona twice this season.
Oklahoma State (18-4); Marquette (20-4); Duke (18-5); Kentucky (17-5)
*Oklahoma State’s loss to lowly Colorado pretty much assures that the Cowboys will be seeded lower than Texas A&M and Kansas come tourney time. Duke is lucky to be a 4 seed after losses to Virginia and Florida State.
Nevada (21-2); Georgetown (16-5); Indiana (16-6); Air Force (20-3)
*Indiana’s win against Wisconsin was huge for the Hoosiers. Unfortunately, the loss to Iowa isn’t helping anything out.
Boston College (16-6); Clemson (18-5); Notre Dame (18-5); West Virginia (18-4)
*West Virginia’s 4-game winning streak will be in jeopardy with consecutive games against Pitt, UCLA, and Georgetown.
USC (18-6); Alabama (17-5); Stanford (15-6); Texas (16-6)
*Tim Floyd, former Iowa State and Chicago Bulls head coach and current head coach at USC, may be one of the most underrated coaches in the nation. Alabama bounced back this week with wins at LSU and against South Carolina.
Florida State (17-6); Arizona (15-7); Virginia (15-6); Southern Illinois (19-5)
*Virginia, now tied for first in the ACC, gets an invite after a big win against Duke this week. If you haven’t seen Cavs PG Sean Singletary play, you’re missing out.
Michigan State (17-7); UNLV (19-5); Vanderbilt (16-7); Virginia Tech (16-7)
*Virginia Tech takes a fall (from a 6 seed to a 9 seed) after losses to North Carolina State and Boston College.
Kansas State (17-6); VCU (20-4); Gonzaga (17-7); Creighton (16-7)
*Bob Huggins and his Wildcats make their first appearance in the Field of 65 after winning at Texas and entering a 3-way tie for second in the Big 12.
Tennessee (15-8); Texas Tech (15-8); New Mexico State (18-4); Villanova (15-7)
*Texas Tech had a bad week, with losses to Texas and Oklahoma.
Maryland (17-6); Louisville (16-7); George Washington (15-6); Hofstra (18-6)
*Hofstra gets the final at-large bid this week after getting a win against Colonial Athletic Association leader VCU.
Akron (17-4); Winthrop (19-4); Davidson (20-4); Western Kentucky (17-8)
*Western Kentucky’s at-large hopes are gone with another loss to an inferior opponent (this time, North Texas). They’re going to have to win their conference to get a bid.
Long Beach State (15-6); Vermont (16-6); Oral Roberts (16-8); Holy Cross (18-6)
*It’s a 3-way race in the Big West, with Long Beach State, UC Santa Barbara, and Cal State Fullerton outclassing the rest of their conference.
Austin Peay (15-7); Marist (16-7); East Tennessee State (17-7); Texas A&M-Corpus Christie (16-5)
*If anyone cares, Sam Houston State is on Texas A&M-Corpus Christie’s heels in the Southland Conference.
Weber State (16-9); Central Connecticut State (13-10); Jackson State (13-10); Pennyslvania (12-8); Delaware State (12-10)
*Despite previous charges that I simply made up Central Connecticut State, they did beat Mount Saint Mary’s in an imaginary game last week.

IN: Creighton; Delaware State; Hofstra; Kansas State; Virginia
OUT: Arkansas; Florida A&M; Georgia; Purdue; Xavier


Blogger Jesus' Son said...

This is how it should be

Field of 65

1 Seeds
Florida, UNC, UCLA, Wisconsin
3 of the 4 showed the are beatable this week. I don’t think any of these teams are truly dominate. I also don’t think more than 2 will be in the final 4. I predict only UCLA makes it to the final 4, maybe Wisconsin. UNC loses in the elite 8. Florida loses in the sweet 16 to an 8 seed and Billy D gets on the first plane to New York City.

2 Seeds
Ohio State, Pitt, Kansas, Texas A&M
OSU is very good but also very beatable if they don’t hit from trey-ville. Texas A&M is very good. If a one seed loses this week, it will be difficult for me to not bump A&M up.

3 Seeds
Nevada, Butler, Memphis, Marquette
Butler is a very good team, maybe deserving of Kansas’ 2 seed. However, I really hope Pitt loses and Butler can take their spot.

4 Seeds
Oklahoma State, UK, Oregon, Air Force
Oregon’s loss to UCLA was fine; however, the loss to USC hurts. UK is surging behind a back court that is emerging and becoming unstoppable.

5 Seeds
Duke, Boston College, IU, Wash U
IU stepped up big over Wisconsin, but they are like 26-1 at home, in conference over the past couple years. Loss to Iowa really made me almost drop them. Duke’s season is finally going down the shitter and this seeding may be a little premature. I really hope Duke lose 3-4 more games and is somewhere around a 7 seed. That would be wonderful. I also hope they lose in the first round to a no name team and ESPN cancels their TV contract so I don’t have to see Coach K’s all white team.

6 Seeds
SIU, Notre Dame, Clemson, Va Tech

7 Seeds
UNLV, G-Town, Vandy, Texas
I’m going to pick Vandy as a team that may be able to pull a major upset somewhere in the tournament. Texas is young and very talented, but I’m afraid of what a couple more losses will do to their tournament chances. I really have no clue how good UNLV may or may not be.

8 Seeds
Stanford, USC, Alabama, Virginia
Vandy has shown they can win. Alabama is falling quickly, but I haven’t given up hope. Wins against LSU and a horrendous South Carolina as LSU has already turned in their unis. Virginia can win big games with Singletary and think they may be able to make a lot of noise in the tournement.

9 Seeds
Texas Tech, Zona, BYU, WVU
I’ve completely changed my mind about Arizona. They can’t win 2 games in a row, so there is no chance in hell they will win more than 4 or more in a row at the tournament. WVU is flying under the radar.

10 Seeds
Gonzaga, Florida State, Arkansas, Missouri State
I still have hope for Arkansas and the caveman they have at center.

11 Seeds
K-State, Villanova, George Washington (conf), VCU (conf)
K-State goes to the tournament without Bill Walker and makes a quick exit. That night Huggins gets another DUI with Eddie Sutton riding shotie. V

12 Seeds
Tennessee, Louis….. GA Tech , Purdue, Winthrop (conf)
Chris Lofton returns this week and gives Pearl a chance at going to the tournament. Louisville does terrible in the conference tournament while GA Tech wins a couple and earn a tournament bid.

13 Seeds
Penn (conf), Bucknell (conf), Davidson (conf), New Mexico State (conf)
From here down, it really doesn’t matter that much.

14 Seeds
Albany (conf), TAMU (conf), Toledo (conf), Oral Roberts (conf)

15 Seeds
South Alabama (Conf), CS Fullerton (conf), East TN state (conf), Austin Peay (conf)

16 Seeds
play in, VA Commonwealth (conf), Weber State (conf), Loyola Maryland (conf)

February 5, 2007 at 9:39 AM  
Blogger Runs With Two Horses said...

Man up Natty. You keep relying on WKU to clinch the Sun Belt. My boy John Pelphrey has quietly guided South Alabama to a 10 game winning streak and a two game lead over WKU in the Conference. Pelphrey took the automatic bid last year and he's in position to do it again. WKU and and South Alabama play February 8th, and winning that will all but win South Alabma the regular season title.

February 5, 2007 at 1:01 PM  

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