Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Thanks Law School, I Owe You One!

Just in case four three hour finals approaching wasn't enough to drain the spirits out of every 22 year-old first year student spending their days and nights at crowded desks in smelly rooms staring at obese woman picking at their split ends, law school administrators decided on another fun idea: One whole extra day of classes. YAY! Just what I've always wanted. On Monday afternoon we received a campus wide email alert that said in one sentence: Wednesday class will be treated like a Monday of class. Wow, now this was really exciting to read. Because if you didn't know I only have two classes early Wednesday morning, but I have three long classes that begin at 9 am and end at 3pm. With only a week left of classes, this was the perfect after-dinner wine to compliment an extraordinary appetizer and main course of a semester. Even better, as I was so excited to hear the news, I began asking everyone around school what was the meaning of this extra class I get to attend. For some reason, no one could give a decent answer. The most common response was: I have no fucking idea. I have no idea either. It must be a Festivus Miracle. Really, thanks a lot law school. Once again you amaze me. You really know how to pick a guy up when he's down - with a swift right foot into the nutsack.


Blogger Jumping Bull said...

Who stole Thelonious's password and posted this?

November 29, 2006 at 11:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe that extra class will address the proper use of the english language. It appears that your idiot ass (is that hyphenated? - ask your teacher) could use it!

November 29, 2006 at 3:15 PM  

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