Wednesday, November 22, 2006

This is Our Country?

If anyone has watched any relevant sporting event over the last month, they're frightfully aware of at least three things: 1) two schools named Michigan and Ohio State played in a game of college football last weekend; 2) someone at espn has the job of keeping up with the number of days and hours between every Monday Night Football game; and 3) Jessica Simpson, Toby Keith, and John Mellencamp must be making a killing off those damn commericals.
Seriously, during any given game, you're almost guaranteed to see (or hear, in the case of the Cougar) each of their ads at least twice. Natty and myself are in complete agreement that the Jessica Simpson spot is by far the most annoying. All in all the whole thing's one big disgusting disaster that I can't even bear to watch.
As for Toby, poking fun at this guy is like taking candy from a blind baby with no fingers.
Mr. Mellencamp, on the other hand, has sold his songwriting soul. Shame on you, John, shame on you. You used to stand for something, and now an entire generation will associate you with an annoying ballad from a truck commerical. Man, you used to be the Cougar.


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