Saturday, November 18, 2006

This is a list of the top players in the was compiled before the playoffs started last year

Top 50 NBA Players
1) Tim Duncan
-The Big Fundamental knows how to win. Dominates each and every game silently.
2) Steve Nash
-Put him on any team, and you’ve got a top 8 team. Well, maybe not the Knicks or the Trailblazers.
3) Kobe Bryant
-The only player I will stay up until 2 in the morning to watch (besides Jalen Rose). It’s absolutely amazing to watch him play. However, this is a team sport. And no player on a 7 seed in today’s top heavy NBA is going to be rated the best player in the league (not by me, anyway). I don’t care if he scores 100 in a single game, the way he alienates his teammates is disgusting.
4) Lebron James
-Only a matter of time before he’s number one.
5) Dwyane Wade
-The only player in the league that will challenge Lebron in the future. I enjoy watching his style of play more than any other player.
6) Dirk Nowitski
-If he only played defense…
7) Elton Brand
-Ahead of Shaq? Yes. And I want to put him ahead of Dirk because he plays defense. Such a great motor. He outworks the opposition, despite the fact that he has the talent to coast like the rest of the league.
8) Shaquille O’Neal
-Just not consistent enough anymore. You never know which Shaq is going to show up, and that’s not his fault. He’s an old man.
9) Paul Pierce
-I hate it that he doesn’t have more talent around him. One of my favorite players to watch. One of the most skilled players in the NBA.
10) Tracy McGrady
-I know he’s been through a lot, and I sympathize. But until he gets refocused and rededicated, I just can’t rank him higher.
11) Chauncey Billups
-Sometimes I think he’s overrated. But it’s his ability to fill it up along with his physical dominance of other point guards that makes him the 2nd best point in the league.
12) Gilbert Arenas
-When I watch him play, I don’t understand how he takes the game over. Doesn’t play much defense, but he knows how to win.
13) Jason Kidd
-Richard Jefferson owes his career to Jason Kidd.
14) Amare Stoudemire
-Would probably be higher if not for injuries this past year. His game is so dependent upon his speed and explosiveness, you have to wonder if he’ll make it all the way back.
15) Richard Hamilton
-Besides Elton Brand and Tim Duncan, the most underrated guy in the NBA. Never stops running. Great mid-range game. A real winner. Leads by example. I think he’s just as important to the Pistons as Chauncey.
16) Jermaine O’Neal
-Might be headed downhill. I hardly ever think a shot he takes is going to go in.
17) Allen Iverson
-An amazing career, but his inability to adapt his game to anyone makes him a liability in Philly. I can’t stand watching him play anymore.
18) Kevin Garnett
-For some reason, this guy just can’t win.
19) Tony Parker
-Only player in the league that matches the constant energy of Richard Hamilton. How does a guy this small lead the league in points-in-the-paint? Sky’s the limit. Eva Longoria makes me sick.
20) Carmelo Anthony
-I don’t know if he’ll ever figure it out. Great talent but major headcase. Has immaturity written all over everything he does.
21) Shawn Marion
-Great player. Maybe most impressive rebounder in the league. I just can’t imagine him playing the lead role.
22) Michael Redd
-Best pure shooter this side of Ray Allen. Solid all-around game.
23) Ben Wallace
-Defense and rebounding second to none. A few years back, I would have had him rated higher. I’m feeling kind of bad right now that I don’t have him at 16 ahead of Jermaine O’Neal.
24) Vince Carter
-I hate this guy’s game. He’s lazy. He disappears when he’s off, and I’m convinced he fakes injuries. The motorcycle thing he does after he dunks is beyond stupid.
25) Yao Ming
-Showed signs of what could be this past year. I don’t know if he’ll ever develop a killer instinct.
26) Ron Artest
-Even with all of his off-court issues, he’s made the Kings a new team. Physically dominates other 3’s. A real idiot.
27) Ray Allen
-Doesn’t know how to consistently win in this league. And it’s beginning to get a little late to figure it out. Supercool, though.
28) Dwight Howard
-Unlimited potential. You have to love his work ethic and his ability to attack the glass. The heir apparent to Tim Duncan as best big man in the league.
29) Andrei Kirilenko
-The Swiss Army Knife.
30) Mike Bibby
-He really isn’t a point guard. Likes to score so much that it’s hindered his development and his team’s success.
31) Pau Gasol
-Shouldn’t be the main attraction in Memphis.
32) Josh Howard
-I love this guy.
33) Baron Davis
-How has he dropped so far?
34) Jason Richardson
-When he learns to do more than just score, I’ll rank him higher.
35) Chris Paul
-I think he’s a little overrated, but he is a winner.
36) Manu Ginobili
-Overrated; but comes up big in big games.
37) Joe Johnson
-If he had a real position, he’d be higher.
38) Chris Bosh
-Much ado about not a whole lot. I have trouble believing that someone on the team that Kobe scored 81 against will ever have the pride necessary to be a superstar in this league.
39) Larry Hughes
-The Larry Hughes of last year (coincidentally, his contract year) would be rated much higher. In all fairness, Larry has been dealing with injuries.
40) David West
41) Boris Diaw
-Lacks the killer instinct.
42) Brad Miller
-Rare combination: a hard-nosed center that you can run an offense through. Great passer. Outside of Shaq, Big Ben, and Yao, he’s the best center in the league.
43) Antawn Jamison
-Hasn’t played defense since he arrived in the league.
44) Al Harrington
-Hard worker. Great skills. Good stats. Limited athletically.
45) Ben Gordon
-Take his fourth quarter performances away and you’ve got a very average player. I doubt he has the length or athletic ability to play the 2 for an entire career.
46) Emeka Okafor
-If he hadn’t been injured for a good part of his career, he’d be rated a lot higher based on defense and rebounding alone. I know we were warned, but his limited offensive skills are quite depressing.
47) Andre Miller
-A couple years ago, I would have made the argument that he was the ideal NBA point guard. Just doesn’t control the game.
48) Marcus Camby
-On occasion, he takes over defensively. Other times, he sucks.
49) Tayshaun Prince
-More important to the Pistons than Sheed. Does it all. Great defensive player. Great attitude. I wonder what he’d be like on a team where he was one of the top 3 players.
50) Caron Butler
-Should be a lot higher. His development was stunted in Miami. I thought he was going to be the next Paul Pierce.


Blogger Runs With Two Horses said...

Obligatory response:

I know you tried to leave personal attachment out of this, but I feel a little cheated that you didn't mention Shawn Marion's incredible effect on whatever team he played on in NBA Live 2004(?). Ultimate glue guy.

How has Baron Davis dropped this far? Why aren't more people concerned about this? If Dwyane Wade started to play this poorly David Stern would cancel the season.

November 18, 2006 at 9:35 PM  
Blogger Runs With Two Horses said...

The title of Swiss Army Knife has rightly been passed from KG to Kirilenko. If there was ever a question as to which player is more versatile, we need look no further than Kirilenko's mohawk and slutty pop-star wife.

You also forgot to write that you love Jerry Sloan with a passion equaled only by your lust for Laeitia Casta.

November 18, 2006 at 9:41 PM  
Blogger Thelonius Monk said...

Deron Williams will be a better NBA player than Chris Paul. I actually love both of them, but if anyone remembers I thought Deron would be better at the time of the draft.

If the Hawks had drafted either of these two guys they would be a top 5 team right now.

I am astonished at the Jason Richardson pick. I honestly think you picked him because NBA Live 2003 let you run the floor with him so easily and dunk on almost every play, which you did constantly in our first season played.

Lamar Odom finally has the triangle offense figured out, which he is getting a lot of praise and recognition this season for. But let's be honest, it's a triangle. It shouldn't be that hard to figure out.

Gilbert Arenas should be rated higher, if not only for his gilbertology. Apparently he works out at least three times a day for the first 41 games of the season. He sleeps in tents that mimic mountain altitude air.

November 21, 2006 at 2:52 PM  

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