Friday, April 04, 2008

Where is Chad Johnson?

Anybody hear Chad Johnson's two interviews on ESPN this week? They were excruciating. It was like he was channeling Mike Tyson. Brian Kenney looked like he was simultaneously angry and terrified. There were multiple third person moments, and none of his answers made any sense. Not only did Chad not answer the questions he was asked, his answers didn't answer any question that any person has ever asked. In the second interview, ESPN broke the news to Chad about Chris Henry getting cut. Somehow Chad had no idea that had happened. I guess he doesn't have a cell phone or the internet. He might have been calling ESPN using a tin can with a long string. I thought Chad was on Jupiter, but Natty contended that he was actually calling in from Concussion Land. Unfortunately Leonard is a Bengals fan, so like all other Bengals fans, he just thought Chad was being funny.


Blogger Thelonius Monk said...

I'm a big Chad guy, and even I was off put by his interview. The strangest part was when Kenney said, "alright thanks Chad," and Chad said, "is that it?" So Kenny, said, "go ahead Chad, please tell us anything you want to say," and Chad just said, "Man we gotta get better." I was scared, confused, and angry the whole time.

April 7, 2008 at 10:34 PM  

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