Sunday, March 30, 2008

Stephen Curry is ...

Stephen Curry is the smoothest college basketball player I have ever seen in my lifetime. He's even what I would refer to as silky smooth. I will never bet against him again until he is out of college basketball and in the NBA. Yeah, that's right, he will play in the NBA. I'm sure of that.

Stephen Curry is the most entertaining player to watch in college basketball. Forget Psycho T, DJ Augustin or Michael Beasley. Stephen Curry is the most entertaining. Michael Beasley may have put up numbers equal to Kevin Durant, but Durant was way more exciting to watch. Stephen Curry is just as entertaining, and I'm not even sure if he can dunk the ball.

Lebron James came to watch Stephen Curry play. Does that tell you anything? The most entertaining player in the world came to watch Curry play against Wisconsin, one of the more boring teams to watch play.

Stephen Curry has made plays several times during the Kansas game that make Gus Johnson just laugh during the broadcast. Gus Johnson, who has the perfect thing to say at every moment, has been left speechless on more than one occassion, just in the first half. He just laughs.


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