Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pitchers are not athletes...

...at least not compared to the rest of their baseball counterparts. Awesome's friend ButterCream used to argue with us about this until he was blue in his creamy face. Granted, BC is much more athletic than myself (and a good guy to boot), but I count him as an exception to this rule. His main point in the argument: that Roger Clemens was one of the most well-conditioned athletes in the game. Our counterpoint: see David Wells, Bartolo Colon, etc. Still, whether you think, like BC, that Clemens had a "strong trunk" or that he just plain had a big belly, you have to agree that Congress has gone a little overboard.
Seriously, who are these guys investigating Clemens and why do they feel that his alleged steroid use is worthy of this grand congressional inquisition? Do I even have to list the plethora of relevant issues that require the attention of our government over whether or not Roger Clemens was juiced? Are you kidding me?!
Even disregarding issues like poverty, education, and the environment, any taxpayer not named ButterCream has to be frustrated that our dollars (hard-earned or otherwise) are being spent to fund this circus! (and yes, all of these exclamation points are necessary!) I don't even like Roger Clemens. He's arrogant, he's a liar, and though I've never met him, I feel like my unfounded characterizations of him are probably pretty accurate.

(this picture was the fourth one that came up when I googled "fat roger clemens")
So why has this, of all the stories in sports, caused me to start blogging again? To answer my own question, I really don't know. In the end, I'm mad for no reason, Roger Clemens is still fat, and Billy Gillispie is getting drunk somewhere and reading this blog. C'est la vie.