Monday, March 12, 2007

Isiah Thomas gives Isiah Thomas High Marks

Today, Isiah Thomas was given a multiyear contract extension as head coach after team President Isiah Thomas praised the improvements the team has made under Thomas. Madison Square Garden chairman James Dolan announced yesterday that he had decided to extend Thomas' contract as head coach after extensive discussions with President Isiah Thomas. Nine months after Thomas was told the Knicks needed to show "evident progress" or he would be fired, Isiah Thomas came to the defense of Isiah Thomas, stating, "Thomas has turned this franchise around this year. We are not were we want to be yet, but I think with a multiyear contract extension worth several million dollars, we can see the change we wish to see."

"Isiah Thomas is a great coach, a humanitarian, and a scholar of basketball," Isiah Thomas said in a conference yesterday, adding, "I'm also very grateful for this extension and the opportunity to get the Knicks in the playoffs." After several disappointing seasons under Larry Brown, who recently admitted to trying to coach "every team on the face of the planet", the Knicks are poised to make the Eastern playoffs, requiring them to be one of the top eight teams in the conference.

"I think one of our main problems last year was the strained relationship between coach/president," Thomas said, "We don't have that this year. I love Isiah and Isiah loves me."


Blogger SonDog said...

Isiah's resume from 2004-2007 with the Knicks has to go down as the most ridiculously awful General Managing in the history of Western Civilization. Seriously. It's not even funny anymore. I'm praying Geoff Petrie (GM of the Kings) gives Isiah a call this summer about Artest. Isiah will take him, Miller, and Bibby -- PLUS he will throw in a first-round pick or three.

March 13, 2007 at 2:33 PM  

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